A whole lot of CUTE

A few weeks ago I met up with the beautiful K family. I cannot get over the beauty and sweetness of each of their children. It can be difficult to get three kids to look and smile at the camera at exactly the same time, which always makes for some really adorable photos. The candid shots are always my favorite and I had millions from this shoot. Thank you kiddos for being such good sports!

Did I mention how beautiful they are...

The two girls couldn't be more different or more adorable

How gorgeous is this mommy of three?

Seriously? How insane are her curls? They drive me wild.

A little sisterly love...

This little one wasn't feeling well but boys will be boys

A moment to themselves...

I am obsessed with this next photo...this is why I love children

I saved the best for last...this little series is my favorite

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  1. you did such an awesome job with these. love :)