Amber & Donald: Engaged

The words "I'm so in love with you," were uttered into my ear before I went to bed last night. I went to bed reminded that being "in love" is such a blessing. Donald and Amber are truly in love and I was honored to be able to capture the love of two of our most cherished friends. They are so fun to be around and watching them interact with each other makes my heart melt. They are so tender and joyful together and I love them to death. They are such a beautiful example of God's love for us by the by they treat and love each other. I am so happy for them and this exciting time in their lives. Here are my favorites, and this was after I attempted to narrow them down :)

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  1. Obsessed! I have such talented friends! Kels you bring the heat with your photos...Domber you guys look like you do this all the time! Beautiful!! Love you all!